DJ Lethal Vybz to drop new rhythm

May 25, 2021
Lethal Vybz
Lethal Vybz

Producer DJ Lethal Vybz is gearing up to deliver his latest project, the We Ready rhythm, scheduled to be officially released on May 28.

"The We Ready riddim was created because the artistes came together with the same goals and visions in mind and plunged their hard work and dedication into getting the music across the diaspora. It's a dancehall feeling with a variety of songs, artistes and style," the producer explained. Completed after three months of non-stop work, the rhythm features acts like Skystar, Swickdon and Jstvrr.

"This project will be for the artistes to reach higher heights, aiming towards better quality productions and positive uplifting lyrics," DJ Lethal Vybz said.

The rhythm follows last year's Damage rhythm, which also sparked the 'Farrin Badness' movement.

"Farin Badness came about from the first riddim I produced last October, Damage riddim, which was a collaboration with Canadian and Jamaican dancehall artistes. The main objective was to unite the artistes through one goal, which is to highlight Canadian dancehall and a song was recorded on the Damage riddim called Foreign Badness by Skystar and Swickdon," he explained.

Hailing from Kingston but currently based in Toronto, DJ Lethal Vybz has spent the last few months connecting with artistes in Jamaica and Canada to create high quality productions through more innovative methods.

"The pandemic has forced a lot of these artistes to set up home-based studios, where they will do their own recordings, then send them to me via e-mail. I then do the mixing and mastering, marketing and distribution from my home-based studio. It has saved a lot of time and money," he elaborated.

Aside from the We Ready rhythm, the producer is working on the 5th Galaxy rhythm, which will be a mixture of conscious reggae and dancehall.

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