Summer Doll Artistes Edition: Honey Milan

June 07, 2021

C hopping waves of smooth melody and lyrical gangster energy, this beautiful, dynamic and driven singjay might be new on the scene, but is becoming a strong female contender in the dancehall arena. With promises to make a big splash this summer and beyond with her music, get to know more about Honey Milan, the woman behind the hot single Chappa Gyal.

Favourite summer time activity: "My favourite summer time activity is going out and hanging with friends by the beach."

What's hot for the summer? What is hot right now is up-and-coming artistes, hearing new sounds.

Bet you didn't know: "People don't know much about me. I'm a very private person. If I could name one thing, it's that I smoke marijuana. Me love me weed, mi soon all drop a weed song."

What's a typical day in your life like?

"It's always a movie. Something affi happen weh out ah di ordinary, every day, every time. Me nah seh me like it. But it just happens."

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