Romain Virgo gets deeper into music

July 06, 2021
Romain Virgo
Romain Virgo

Having made his official debut as a producer, reggae singer Romain Virgo says he's looking forward to taking the creative lead on more of his projects in the future, like his most recent single, Beautiful To Me.

"This song was so personal to me, based on the fact that I wrote it for Liz (his wife). It was so close to my heart. I didn't expect to put it out there, but when I decided I would, I just felt like I needed to take the lead. I felt like I needed to put my mark on this one," he said.

"It felt good to see I could come out with something and say, 'I produced this', and that is definitely something I am looking forward to doing more of in the future," he said. "I have been transitioning from the whole thing of just Romain Virgo the artiste, who goes inside the studio to record a song, into someone who helps others, collaborate with others, and I feel like as I go along, I will continue to learn and put my best foot forward." However, he clarified that he will not take on the role of producer full-time.

"I don't want my producer friends to feel like this means I won't be recording for them anymore," he laughed. "If there's one thing about me, it's that I will always take advice. I know you have producers out there that are closed off and all. I will be open to suggestions and if the project will work better with someone else leading, I will just sing."

Beautiful To Me, which was released over a week ago, is almost at the 300,000 views mark on YouTube and is still on the platform's local trending charts in the number 30 spot.

Virgo said that he is happy with the song's suc-cess, but says he is more pleased that the song has been inspiring ladies to embrace their beauty and worth.

"As an artiste, I take pride in showing women how special they are, and that is how it really and truly should be," he said. "This is me and whenever I get the opportunity to write a message like this, it really and truly is a blessing and I feel good on the inside, especially if I see it connecting."

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