Entertainer says ‘new butt’ appeal was not real

November 12, 2021
Summer Caliente
Summer Caliente

Earlier this week, up-and-coming dancehall artiste Summer Caliente had tongues wagging when she made a GoFundMe page explaining that she needed the public's assistance in getting a bigger butt.

The Broke Pocket Man singer said she was surprised by the negative comments aimed at the post, which had circulated rapidly less than 24 hours after she posted it on her Instagram story. Yesterday, she set out to clear the air that she was not serious and was simply proving a point to her boyfriend.

"I was trying to tell him that, whatever yuh put out, persons will run with it even before checking it to see if it was true. He was disagreeing with me so the whole GoFundMe thing was to prove him wrong. So I put it out and, in no time, it reach over Pinkwall," she said.

A part of her post read "I feel as though I have been living in someone else's body my whole life and it's time to get my own. Help make a wish come through."

The entertainer said she had deleted the GoFundMe account that was set to raise US$5,000, but decided to make another one to see if she would get a bigger response.

"Two of my fans donated a total of US$100 and, after that, I took it down because it wasn't anything serious. I didn't have any intention of doing the surgery and I didn't think anyone would actually donate but, if I do get do my body, I don't think people would give me $5,000," she said.

Summer Caliente said she has always admired the butt work of Alexis Skyy McFarland, an American reality television personality, and, if given the chance, would have a Brazilian butt lift done.

Summer Caliente, a graduate of The University of West Indies, Mona, stressed that she was surprised by the amount of negative criticism but is unbothered.

"I saw where people were saying I didn't love myself but that's not the case. I was just proving a point to someone. There were some who were saying that I was 'red eye' and that D'Angel made it and she didn't have to do her body. But those comments really didn't affect me because my aim wasn't to get the money to do my body," she said.

"Sometimes people will think it is just about the music but sometimes it isn't. If you look a certain way, people will gravitate towards you. But I don't think your success will depend on how yuh look. It might help though, because I see other people do it and it help them, but everyone is different," she added.

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