Shab Don’s lawyer denies bribery charge

November 12, 2021
Shab Don
Shab Don

Donahue Martin, the attorney representing dancehall producer Linval 'Shab Don' Thompson is "vehemently denying" allegations that his client attempted to bribe a police officer shortly after being granted bail on an illegal firearm charge in the Gun Court.

"We don't know anything about it. That conversation did not take place. It is vehemently denied," Martin told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Reports are that Shab Don offered a policeman more than J$1 million to make an illegal firearm 'disappear'.

He was rearrested by the police last Wednesday and charged with a breach of the Corruption Prevention Act, which speaks to "offers to a public servant any money, articles or gifts for them to commit any act or omission".

Martin has pledged to vigorously defend his client against this latest charge, reiterating that "it did not happen".

"We are prepared to defend ourselves, and I say 'we'. I made a bail application and my client was offered bail. It was hotly contested. This is just odd," the prominent attorney said.

Shab Don was arrested on October 24 by a police special operations unit and questioned about an illegal firearm that was recovered from a motor vehicle in which he was travelling. He was subsequently charged and was granted bail in the sum of $250,000 when he appeared in the Gun Court on Wednesday.

Reports are that the Jamaica Constabulary Force, after contacting its international law enforcement partners, established that the firearm in question was the property of the Atlanta Police Department in the United States. It had been reported stolen in 2018. Martin declined to comment on the gun charges.

"It is an in-camera matter and it is not appropriate to comment on that as counsel. Others do it, but at the end of the day, I am a professional and the judges don't like it," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Shab Don, who is originally from Montego Bay, is the co-founder of Shab Don Records, a popular record label which has released hit songs for artistes like Vybz Kartel, Ding Dong, Squash and TeeJay. He has produced Vybz Kartel's Any Weather, TeeJay's Shub Out and Squash's Money Fever.

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