BlingBlang Works CEO balancing motherhood and career

May 20, 2022
Sasha Bling
Sasha Bling

While committed to making a mark in the music industry, CEO of video production company BlingBlang Works Sasha Bling is equally committed to being a great mom to her daughter Nahbi.

She aspires to make a firm foundation for her and also to make her proud.

"I get to make memories with her that I hope will stay with her forever. So far motherhood has been a good experience for me but like anything else, it has its downsides like the lack of sleep or energy. But I try to stay as fit as possible to make sure I keep up with the everyday struggles," said Sasha Bling.

Her job requires her to create ideas and travel, so her daughter is currently being homeschooled, a decision that was made along with the child's father. Sasha Bling explained that this will allow both parents to still do their parental duties while pursuing their individual careers. Sasha Bling is pleased that Nahbi gets to watch her work and this lights up her daughter's face especially when her daughter watches over the videos on YouTube.

BlingBlang Works is currently working on projects like directing and producing four episodes of Chef Simpson's Cooking with Love show featuring I-Octane, Denyque, Maino, and VP of marketing for DefJam Charlene Thomas. BlingBlang Works is also aiming to branch off globally and Sasha Bling is determined to direct music videos in every genre of music, especially for Hollywood projects.

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