Skillibeng first sang Brik Pan Brik for his grandma

June 28, 2022

Skillibeng came up with the lyrics of his mega hit Brik Pan Brik while sitting at home with his grandmother.

In an interview with Apple Music about the origin of the song, Skillibeng said that he did not write the lyrics before performing it.

"I didn't even really write it, I freestyle that song for the first time beside my grandma... I heard a beat and I was like, 'Yow, this beat is hot'. I'm saying to my grandma, 'You know this is going to be ...' And she's like, 'Boy, I don't even know what you're talking about.' I'm like, 'You going to see this is a hit right here'."

Released in 2019, Brik Pan Brik has been viewed more than 11 million times on YouTube.

Meanwhile, the dancehall entertainer, whose given name is Emwah Warmington, is from St Thomas like dancehall superstar Popcaan, and he said that the Unruly Boss has constantly looked out for his well-being as an artiste.

"But I knew Popcaan through the whole Vybz Kartel era music, because Popcaan was Gaza and I started listening to Popcaan from 2010, so I didn't know Popcaan at first. I only knew his music. I was a fan of Popcaan first, just like Vybz Kartel," Skillibeng said.

He told Apple Music that as a youngster, he was doing some crazy music and news of his talent reached Popcaan's ears.

"He was hearing about me and his friend had a security guard that was his friend and that was my friend too. So he would always say to Popcaan, 'Yow, this kid I'm telling you, you need a song with this kid or you need to do something for him. And like one day Popcaan came from tour or something, [and] came to St Thomas, and they invited me up to his house and we was just vibing... We just became friends and he been looking out for me," Skillibeng said.

"He gave me countless amount of features. So big up Popcaan every time," the Crocodile Teeth hitmaker said.

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