Lusion says new track does not promote violence

July 08, 2022

Hanover-based recording artiste Lusion is making it clear that his recently released track, Time, is not about the promotion of violence.

Produced by Starzplus Music and featured on the 'Assignment' rhythm, the track was officially released on June 24. Since its release, the artiste has come under some fire due to the lyrics, but he seeks to assure his fans that his intentions are pure.

"There are too many senseless killings going on right now. My song is simply about defending yourself if needs be. I am by no means going out there to look for any trouble with anyone," the artiste said. Standing firm on the stance that the track promotes self-defence, it outlines his experience in jail and an encounter with the police. The track has still been performing well, despite the mixed reception.

"I'm very happy with the feedback that I have been receiving so far, and I know that it can only get better from here," the artiste said.

Currently signed to Starzplus Music, Lusion uses his music to channel his innermost thoughts, creating tracks that provide insight on social issues that affect people daily.

"The songs I release are some heavy topics. Sometimes people may be a little uncomfortable with them, just like with Time, but I always try to keep it real. I want people to hear my music and be able to relate to the messages, or at least feel what I'm talking about," he stated. Lusion previously released singles like Big Dreams, One Stop and Never Feel Like.

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