Gospel Star Danielle Mayne loves ministry

August 05, 2022
Danielle Mayne
Danielle Mayne

The genuine love and care shown by the finalists towards each other is something that stands out for 2022 Jamaica Gospel Star competition winner Danielle Mayne, whose own journey to being a finalist started when someone close to her took the initiative.

It was her friend, Jody-Ann Anderson, who surprised Mayne by entering her in the competition without her knowledge.

"I wasn't upset when she told me, I was more like, 'How yuh fi do dat?' But God sometimes allows persons to put you in your own path. Jody-Ann knows that I can sing ... and she was so excited when I won. She couldn't stop hugging me," Mayne told THE WEEKEND STAR.

A member of the Tweedside New Testament Church of God in Clarendon, Mayne won $1 million and the opportunity to record a single and shoot a music video. She said that she had no idea that she would win, but simply did her best at the elimination shows and emphasised that she enjoyed the camaraderie among the 10 finalists.

"This competition has proven to me that despite everything that is going on that is bad and evil, there are still good people around. As contestants we encouraged each other along the way and when I won they all hugged me and they waited around to be with me after all the interviews and picture-taking on the final night. Plus we text each other every day," she said.


Sharing that she has "been singing ever since [she] could talk" Mayne was very vocal about her love for ministry and using the talent that God has blessed her with. She reminisced on a pep talk by LaToya HD to the finalists just before the competition reached the segment where contestants would be voted off.

"She told us that no matter how long we remain a finalist, we must remember that although it is a competition, it is also ministry. She said that the people are counting on us to represent and that we belong to God and we should go out there and do what He has chosen us to do," Mayne recalled.

Her entry, A Little More Jesus, received the most points from the judges and also amassed the most public votes. Mayne and first runner-up Chantal Smalling were jointly chosen by their peers for the Spirit of Praise Award, presented to the entrant who has been most supportive throughout the competition.

Having enrolled in voice training, Mayne intends to start classes at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.

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