Jahvillani does not plan to stick to clean-cut image

August 16, 2022
Jahvillani in performance at Thursday Night Live.
Jahvillani in performance at Thursday Night Live.

At the start of 2021, dancehall entertainer Jahvillani caused quite the stir with a picture showing him with a lighter complexion.

By the end of the year, he was sporting a low haircut instead of the usual plaits, leaving fans conflicted about his image. However, the deejay himself seems just as conflicted.

Speaking to THE STAR following a recent live acoustic performance at 8Rivaz at the Cove in St Andrew last Thursday, Jahvillani revealed there will be another change to his appearance.

"Soon grow back me hair said way, soon, soon," Jahvillani said. He said that the dancehall culture is the main influence behind the choices made to constantly change his image, and he said that he does not have one true look.

"Me can't stay the same every day or all my life. We have to change up the image," he said. "A dancehall music this, so every minute people expect change and for artiste to change them image." Jahvillani did not deny that the low-cut hairstyle and returning to his original complexion have given him a mature appearance, and he wants people to know that he has matured as he continues to show promise to be the next big act from Jamaica.

On September 8, the Stay Clean deejay will celebrate his 28th birthday and is expected to host a series of events and make several appearances across the US. Birthday celebrations start in Stone Mountain, Georgia, at Pandemonium, where fast-rising entertainer Yaksta is to also perform.

"Yeah man, a whole heap a shows in America but we a celebrate the birthday from early and then for the first time in New York, I will be having my birthday party in Queens," said Jahvillani. "A whole heap a artistes a roll through, including Teejay and Stylo G. Then we go Florida where Prince Swanny, Stylo G, Moyann and Vanessa Bling going to celebrate with me."

While he has been concentrating on building an international fan base, Jahvillani has promised that he will be making more local appearances in the future.

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