Gussman asks listeners to ‘Pray For Me’

January 17, 2023

Dancehall artiste Gussman is banking on the success of his latest single, Pray For Me, which is an urgent plea for spiritual protection from the dangers that exist around him.

"The streets are loving this song because Jamaicans are a spiritual and loyal people, so the song resonates with them on a deeper level. Sometimes you have to recognise that you need spiritual intervention to navigate this life," said the artiste, whose given name is Frederick Reynolds.

The song is jointly produced by New Wavez Entertainment and Siquest.

"So far I have received over 22,000 Spotify streams and over 14,000 YouTube views for this song," he said.

Gussman grew up in a household heavily influenced by music, as his father was a Rastafarian and a lover of drums, and his mother was a devoted Christian. Gussman pursued a bachelor of science degree in hospitality management at The University of the West Indies' Centre for Hospitality and Tourism in The Bahamas.

He worked in the hospitality industry in Jamaica, and then in California in a luxury resort near the LAX Airport. A few years later, he migrated to the United Kingdom, where he started his family and focused on his career as a manager at an exclusive boutique hotel.

Gussman teamed up with his sister and her son in 2018 to form the New Wavez Entertainment label, working with artistes such as Squash, Chronic Law and Dutchavelli.

In 2020, at the start of the pandemic, Gussman was stuck in Jamaica after travelling to visit his family and oversee the label's operations. With the added time on the island, he decided to "test his skills" in the label's in-house studio, and his musical journey officially began.

He has previously released songs such as Oh Saucy and God Mi Fear.

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