Hat Dogg turns to music

January 26, 2023
Hat Dogg
Hat Dogg

Social media influencer Hat Dogg has made music his number one target on his New Year's resolution list.

At age 19, Hat Dogg became popular on social media for his comedy skits with dogs. The skits became very popular as viewers were amazed at how attentive the dogs were. The comedian/artiste grew up with many dogs, so he began to study them and became close friends with the animals because he didn't have many human friends. He said he got his moniker for two reasons.

"First, because I always wanted a food name as an entertainer, and because the word 'Hatdogg' is a baybayin (a Philippine script) spelling that represents a meaningless reaction or response to a question, which stems from my introvert persona," said Hat Dogg

Hat Dogg would like to stretch his reach in the music industry this year, and has showed his versatility on singles such as Sunday Pree and 1980's.

"This year, I will be working on more songs to be released, and I'm sure my fans will love it," said Hat Dogg. The entertainer, whose given name is Deno Campbell, hails from Spanish Town, St Catherine.

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