21 years of Perpetual Sounds of Praise

February 03, 2023
Perpetual Sounds of Praise in performance.
Perpetual Sounds of Praise in performance.

To be touched and moved by sounds of worship is often described as 'chain breaking', and gospel group Perpetual Sounds of Praise, led by author and broadcaster Nadine Blair, has been in the business of ministry through music for 21 years.

Come March, they officially celebrate that milestone and have lots in store for faith-walkers and others who will join the journey.

"It is an amazing feeling. I don't know that I have really processed it. Even last year when it was 20 years I was like 'Oh my gosh, it is 20 years already'. I am so humbled to have been given this mantle of effecting change in persons' lives through worship. The team I have now and the various members we have had over the years have helped me to carry the vision of showing persons the power of their praise and what happens when we just go all out, and it is not just going up on the stage; it must be a lifestyle and it must be real," Blair said about seeing the group blossom since its first event in 2002.

It was held at Fellowship Tabernacle and hosted by Pastor Reverend Al Miller. As the group commemorates the anniversary, Blair said they have several events in the pipeline, including praise tours and an album.

"Our 21st anniversary is coming up on Sunday, March 5 and so, leading up to that, we will be releasing videos on social media. So, every Friday we will be doing a release of a single song," she shared.

"The Lord spoke to me about going into youth fellowship and going into schools but we will be going through the Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union because I think that is what was announced, that all school devotions and that sort of a thing have to got through them. So, we will be going on this youth tour to schools and churches, just to [have] one-on-one with young people. I am looking forward to that. I am looking forward to sitting down with young people, whether they are Christian or not," Blair continued.

Blair said that, after much pressure, the album is finally coming.

"For a couple years now, we have been saying that we are going to work on the album and I think my team members now have decided that they are going to gang up on me. We have a couple recordings. We have some that we have released already and we have some that we have started the recording of. So we are looking at a mid-year release or by September," she revealed.

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