Valiant eager to learn business of entertainment

February 03, 2023

'Dunce Cheque' entertainer Valiant says he has high expectations for the upcoming Island Music Conference.

The event is set for February 8-12 at the Courtleigh Auditorium in Kingston. Under the theme 'Cari Culture', the event will see top industry professionals leading discussions on all aspects of the business of entertainment, including building global music bridges, mastering platforms, investment and wealth creation.

"Having an understanding of how the business runs and having a team that knows, benefits everyone in the industry in the long run," Valiant said.

He continued: "It shows professionalism as well as understanding that this is not only something we love to do but a business that, if done right, can create generational wealth."

The rising artiste, who in Dunce Cheque sang ' ... Back a di class mi nah nuh subject', said he intends to learn as much as possible about the business at the upcoming conference. He stressed the importance of entertainers educating, arming themselves with the knowledge necessary for them to be financially successful in the industry.

"I think we have access to gain more knowledge and so we are educating ourselves. We are highly underestimated in our abilities and understanding of the music business. We have had to learn much of it ourselves, as no one is out there giving the education we need freely. I think, if you want to learn what is needed, you can learn it and it's necessary for us to do so if we are to maintain our independence," Valiant said.

Chaired by Orville 'Shaggy' Burrell and co-founded by himself and industry stalwarts Judith Bodley and Sharon Burke, the conference will feature presentations from the likes of Lloyd Stanbury, a renowned attorney, and international artiste Gramps Morgan.

Bentley Kyle Evans, American television writer, producer, director and actor, will speak on music and film, while iHeartMedia Inc executive Tom Poleman will present on the relevance of media for the music ecosystem.

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