Ceejay, Nadg collab takes world by storm

February 07, 2023

Popular dancer Ceejay Xqlusiv and recording artiste Nadg are overwhelmed by the feedback and support for their collaboration on a dance challenge for the We A Run E Grung single.

The dance challenge, which was launched on Instagram almost two months ago, has captured the attention of several high-profile celebrities and groups in the US including self-proclaimed 'King of Dancehall Remixes' Beniton, hip-hop star Coi Leray, Def Comedy Jam actor and comedian Affion Crockett and several NBA dancers.

According to Ceejay, the unity which is demonstrated between dancers and dancehall recording artistes has the ability to transform the genre.

"It's not self-praise. Dancehall entertainers tend to be very bold and show a lot of pride in their music and brands, this also includes dancers. And when the two types of creatives come together to make something like a viral trend like the #WeARunEGrungChallenge, that unity is transported to others," he told THE STAR.

"I'm grateful to Nadg for giving me the energy to do the choreography and challenge. This is my first challenge that has blown up. We are both seeing that a lot of people have been reached with the professional dashboard statistics totalling a record-breaking number of 1.6 million accounts reached over the last 30 days," Ceejay continued.

We A Run E Grung, produced by Genesis Productions, was originally released on December 5. It was remixed by Billboard producer Sean 'Seanizzle' Reid immediately with the rhythm from Busta Rhymes' 1997 hit Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See. Ceejay explained that that has contributed to the hip-hop community taking an interest in participating in the challenge.

He said, "That's a classic hip-hop beat and re-emergence of that, combined with Nadg's lyrics has given it another big moment. A lot of persons who love dancehall culture were raised on hip hop, so I've been able to cross over into other communities through this challenge. I'm getting more bookings as a professional dancer, and I'm even here working with dancers from the Brooklynettes (Brooklyn Nets dancers) and also held one of the biggest dancehall workshops New York has seen over the past week."

Ceejay is a founding member of the Xqlusiv Dance Crew, but has been based overseas for the past year. He and Nadg are determined to be consistent content producers and he has urged other dancers and artistes to take advantage of the social media platforms.

"Maybe not everybody who does the challenge knows I'm the person who started the challenge. But I'm someone who believes in consistency and I have been, by sharing all the videos submitted and using viral moments to create a platform right now," Ceejay said.

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