Miss Diva taking a ‘Why Worry’ approach

February 07, 2023
Miss Diva
Miss Diva

Ever since claiming her independence from a record label she was once signed to, Canada-based reggae singer Miss Diva has been "feeling free", she told THE STAR recently.

"I didn't part ways because I wanted to, but I was being questioned about things I had no interest in. As a female in the industry, you are faced with advances that will weigh on your career, so me just cut from the label around 2018," Miss Diva shared.

She is currently preparing to travel to Jamaica to execute well-needed street promotion for her forthcoming album Number One Girl and is doing much reflection. She said that one of the greatest bits of life advice she received was from her maternal grandmother Millicent Jackson, and it has become more relevant over the past three years. Miss Diva, whose given name is Alicia Anderson, has dedicated one of the album's 10 tracks to her.

"My grandma is the person I would run to whenever I felt like I didn't know how things were going to work out. She passed away during the pandemic. She always used to say, 'Why worry when you can pray?' and I never understand what kept her so humble even through hard times. But I've seen what little can do. I've connected with the less fortunate and the stories are inspiring, so nowadays I remind myself not to worry about anything. The song could not be named anything else but Why Worry," she said.

"A lot of my inspiration to write my songs stems from my upbringing. I was raised on music, hearing reggae and all kinds of music in my mother's house, and I also grew up in the church. So you'll hear a lot of that gospel soulfulness, churchy vibes and the writing is a very emotional process for me," she added.

Infusing soul, R&B, dancehall and lovers' rock has become Miss Diva's trademark and the signature by which her music releases are known. The album also features collaborations with Macka Diamond and Glen Washington.

"A lot has transpired over five years. I also became a mother of a beautiful baby boy, he is four now, and I was promoting my other album when I got pregnant. Also, with songs like Number One Girl which is produced by Verne Maytone, I wrote from personal experience. It was at a time when my fiance would not see what I was presenting to him. It's a declaration. The entire album is a declaration for all women to know what they are worth," Miss Diva said.

- S.L.

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