Jahmiel brings ‘Intimacy’ for the ladies

February 09, 2023

Reggae singer and songwriter Jahmiel is representing for the ladies on Valentine's Day with the release of his newest EP, Intimacy.

Speaking with THE STAR, he said his beloved female fans can anticipate catching all sorts of feelings after listening to the project.

" Intimacy is a project that is going to consist of all girl songs. I have always had a lot of female fans. When I go to my live performances all over the world, the ladies are always outnumbering the males, so I am like, it would really be a good idea to do a complete project catering to them," he shared.

"Love is something that we should express every day and it should not take a special day for us to do it. It has been years now since I am dropping girl songs on Valentine's Day and it is something that the people are expecting of me. But this time, I wanted I wanted to do it a bit different," Jahmiel continued.

He also revealed that the five-track EP took him just a few weeks of dedicated studio time to put together. The project was produced by Quantanium Records, Sweet Music and Pratiotz Muzik. The U Mi Luv singer was not willing to divulge whether he had a special someone who inspired the songs, but did share some dating advice he got from his mom.

"My mother always told me, 'Find somebody that loves you and sometimes you can grow to love that person'. So, for me it [love and appreciation] is here and there. It varies from couple to couple. It all depends on the person you are dealing with. You know, sometimes you are in a situation where persons love you more than you love them or you love them more than they love you. But at the end of the day, you see qualities in each other that can work," he said.

Continuing on his walk of love, faith and quest for righteousness, Jahmiel is focusing on putting out more uplifting tunes for 2023.

"I am focused on getting out more music, that's my work, my job. I don't like calling it that 'cause it really is my life. I just want to continue spreading positive messages. There is no limit. We are unstoppable so we just keep going. One thing about me I always give everything my best," he said.

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