Natty King sings for his ‘empress’

February 09, 2023
Natty King
Natty King

Reggae singer Natty King is pleased with the response to his new single Empress You Are Mine.

"A lot of them [fans] told me that they were pleasantly surprised to hear me singing a love song. I guess it's because I am known for singing songs that deal with social issues. However, I am a very versatile artiste. Throughout my career, I've always done songs for the ladies, and I will continue to do so," he said. Produced by Conroy Smith on the 'Reggae Still Alive' rhythm, You Are Mine was released by Love Star Music on January 6.

The entertainer is getting ready to release the 'Talent' rhythm on his Wellowell imprint. The 14-track project, which features songs from reggae artistes such as Turbulence, Ginjah, Lutan Fyah, Chezidek and Warrior King, is scheduled to be released on February 10.

"I have an awesome line-up of songs on this wonderful rhythm track which was created by the legendary musicians Sly and Robbie. I'm anticipating a warm reception to this project from reggae music lovers all over the world when it's released," said Natty King.

He is also gearing up for a tour of Europe this summer which will include appearances at Reggae Jam in Germany, as well as the One Love and Hill Vibes festivals, both in Austria.

Natty King is known for songs such as No Guns To Town, Weh De Love Gone and Mr Greedy.

He released his fourth studio album last year, the 14-track Rebellution, which he produced along with Sam Gilly from the Germany-based House of Riddim.

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