Pay homage to the legends – Capleton urges

February 09, 2023

Reggae's Fireman, Capleton, while emphasising the importance of Jamaica's musical heritage and legacy, is urging young acts, in particular, to cherish and uphold all that has been passed on to them

"The youth dem have to look for the positive mark that set ... look for the positive footprints that leave on the sands of time and respect the legends. Pay homage to the pioneers that pave the way. I have utmost respect for the people who I came and saw. They are the ones who gave me the privilege ... without them there would be no me," Capleton told THE STAR while chilling backstage after a blazing performance at the Bob Marley Day Concert at Emancipation Park on Monday.

Going deeper into his message, he called out those who show scant regard for artistes who don't have a hit that can be labelled "current".

"The unfortunate thing is that some people just feel like seh the world revolve around dem. Dem don't respect authority, dem don't respect elders, dem don't respect those who set the foundation, and dem don't respect track record. That's why it's called a record. So, a man who have him big, long track record and have him catalogue, wha' yuh waan seh, him nuh do nutten because him nuh current? But listen to this ... when me deh a Europe, a di ancient man who dem seh nuh current ... a dem me see a draw out 80- and 90,000 people and these current acts can't do that," Capleton said.

However, King Shango, as he is also called, had an antidote for the problem.

"The youths ... we have to guide dem and teach dem in the right path. We know dem unruly, but dat a part of the thing. We haffi curb dem. We haffi set the example too. Yuh can live it and mek dem see seh yuh a live it. And dem will see seh it a work and dem will see seh a good yuh a do and a it mek yuh flourish. The goodness of yuh heart will mek yuh survive. Remember, yuh cannot lead the sheep astray," he stated.

Capleton paused to congratulate conscious Rastafarian artiste, Kabaka Pyramid, on winning the Best Reggae Album category for his album The Kalling, at the 65th annual Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday in Los Angeles.

"It's a joy... it's a blessing. We give thanks. Show you that reggae cannot be blotted out," Capleton said.

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