Blessings flow like Waterfalls - Mr Vegas predicts collab with Nigy Boy will become megahit

February 17, 2023
Nigy Boy
Nigy Boy
Mr Vegas
Mr Vegas

New York-based reggae singer Nigy Boy is upbeat about a collaboration with Mr Vegas called Waterfalls. The song was released on Thursday.

Nigy Boy, who is blind, described the song as inspirational and expressed confidence that it will be a hit with listeners.

"It is a song speaking about rising above your adversaries because of the blessings that the Almighty is pouring like a waterfall," Nigy Boy told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Waterfalls was produced by recording artiste/social media personality Dr Love and Sage, Nigy Boy's visually impaired friend.

"The song, as I mentioned, is really good and I know Mr Vegas put his all in it. We have been listening to him since we were small children and we just didn't know a day like this would come," Nigy Boy said.

Mr Vegas is just as excited about the song. He said that the single is poised to become an even bigger hit than I Am Blessed, which he released in 2011.

"In my opinion, it is better than I Am Blessed, and it can be played everywhere. This song is supposed to be a song that plays in school before children go to classes. We need something uplifting and inspirational to start and end our day, and this song is it," Mr Vegas added.

The veteran entertainer told THE WEEKEND STAR that, when Dr Love approached him about doing a song with Nigy Boy, he made it clear that he was not interested in doing "a regular girl song".

"I wanted to do something that was inspirational, so I started throwing ideas at them. Nigy Boy has a soulfulness in his voice and I wanted him to do something to spiritually inspire people, and that's what came out of the song," Mr Vegas said.

"It shows that, no matter what your circumstances are, we can inspire someone in life," he said.

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