Suga Roy and The Fireball Crew receive Spotify plaque

February 28, 2023
Suga Roy (left) and Conrad Crystal show off the Spotify plaque.
Suga Roy (left) and Conrad Crystal show off the Spotify plaque.

International reggae group Suga Roy and The Fireball Crew are celebrating yet another significant milestone in their career.

They were recently awarded a Spotify plaque for receiving over two million streams on the popular streaming platform with their song Run Come, which features Italian reggae superstar Albarosie, as well as Conrad Crystal.

Run Come is featured on their 2014 album The Kings Book, which was produced by Suga Roy (Fire Ball Records) and Moritz V. Korff (Oness Records).

"This is a great achievement. It shows that our work is reaching the people. There are many other reggae artistes vying for the attention of fans. This kind of recognition shows that we are delivering what the people want internationally, and it encourages us to keep making good music," said Suga Roy. "The success of this song is a testament to the quality of the music that we have been producing over the years. Roots-reggae is not as widely appreciated in Jamaica as it is in places like Europe and Brazil. Those places are the core market for the type of music we produce, but we are not giving up on Jamaica, because this is our homeland."

The band is currently promoting its Afrobeats single, Baby Calm Down.

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