Moon People Recordz upbeat about Rytikal single

March 17, 2023
Dancehall artiste Rytikal (left) and producer Obrian ‘Moon People’ Young of Moon People Recordz.
Dancehall artiste Rytikal (left) and producer Obrian ‘Moon People’ Young of Moon People Recordz.

Fast-rising production company Moon People Recordz is on a high with Rytikal's Been There.

The song was officially released on February 24 and racked up more than 318,000 streams on YouTube within two weeks of its release. Speaking with producer Obrian 'Moon People' Young, he described Rytikal as a talented artiste and expressed gratitude for working with him.

"Rytikal knows how to captivate his fans and bring new projects to the table that will allow him to keep gaining new ones. Everyone has been talking about this song and expected it to hit the mainstream," he shared.

"Even though Rytikal is already out there, we still have to put in the groundwork to ensure that the song reaches the height we intend it to. In coming months, we see the song dominating the dancehall-reggae scene in several international countries," he continued.

Moon People Recordz is currently working on more projects that will be released in the coming weeks, and the label has its eyes set on cementing its name in the music industry.

"We put a lot of work into each project that leaves our label and when it is all over, we want fans to be able to say they received the best quality work there is while being entertained," Young added.

The label also released a single from Rytikal titled Weh Mi Know, which is already gaining heavy rotation and building steady momentum on the local dancehall scene.

"We are grateful for the people who support us and what we do. If you don't have supporters pushing your work and believing in it, it would seem like you are working for nothing. Big up to every artiste who voices for us, we appreciate it. Each fan has always been the strength behind each single we produce and we are grateful," the producer added.

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