Sexy Rasta talks about betrayal

March 17, 2023
Sexy Rasta
Sexy Rasta

Reggae artiste Sexy Rasta is hoping to make a big impression with the single Dem Will Fail Yuh, the lead track from her EP, Billionaire.

"The inspiration behind the song is based on my personal experience of being betrayed by people I genuinely love, who are supposed to be in my corner," she said. "The song is more about the realisation of keeping your eyes open and [being] beware that even the ones closest to you can betray in ways even you wouldn't expect. The feedback has been great, so I will be shooting a video for the single next weekend." The EP tackles topics such as betrayal, love and female empowerment, and Sexy Rasta is gearing up to do a number of shows to promote it.

Sexy Rasta was once known as the reggae singer Ifertari, but she has embraced a more provocative side of her personality, hence the name change. When she was known as Ifertari, she scored radio hits with Morning Evening and Black Skin, and her songs gained traction in markets such as South America, Africa and Europe.

Sexy Rasta, given name Sashanna Hunter, migrated to the US from the Waltham Park area at age 12. She returned to Jamaica in 2013 to pursue music and is forging ahead with her career.

"I refused to let my dreams die; nothing can stop me from my destiny," she said.

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