Diamond Liyah encourages persons to persevere

March 20, 2023
Diamond Liyah
Diamond Liyah

Recording artiste Diamond Liyah recently released the heartfelt single Tears Inna Mi Eyes.

"The wisdom for this song came from the Almighty, and the lyrics were inspired by life and the challenges it comes with. The song was made to shift the listeners' perspective. Instead of looking at the problem, we should allow ourselves to grow through what we go through," the singer explained.

Since its release, the track has been receiving great reviews, with the accompanying music video amassing thousands of views.

"The feedback I have been receiving is inspiring. Everyone is saying the song motivates them to fight for themselves and to push through. Someone told me they were at a point of ending their life because of depression, but they stumbled upon the song and were motivated to no longer give up. Feedback like that moves even me," the singer said.

As a singer, Diamond Liyah aims to motivate listeners and encourage change through her lyrics. She has a goal to leave inspiration behind with every song she releases.

"My music lifts you up instead of bringing you down. It's world music, soul music. Anyone can listen and will feel that there is always a message," she said.

With past singles such as Who You Love, Hold On and Haffi Mek It One Day, Diamond Liyah is continuing on her journey to greatness, honing her craft and building her catalogue.

"My focus right now as an artiste is growth. As the days come, so do opportunities, along with more powerful music and collaborations," she said.

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