YGF spurred by Valiant singles

March 21, 2023
Tevin 'YGF' Richards
Tevin 'YGF' Richards

YGF Records is on an impressive roll with the hits, having released three successful collaborations with recording artiste Valiant.

Motor Sport, which was released last December, is a collaboration with fellow artiste Pablo YG and was produced along with 23 Records. Following this was Narcissistic with Stalk Ashley, which was released in January and produced along with 23 Records and Outta Door Records. The most recent release is Lover Boy, which was co-produced with Romeich Entertainment and fittingly released on Valentine's Day.

All three tracks have been performing impressively in their own right, with Lover Boy hitting one million views and trending in the top 20 on the YouTube Music Charts three weeks into its release.

"I want to give special thanks to the mixing engineers Steeno, Simpac and Dajure, recording engineers Poohdan, Retro and my video director Kingcam. I also want to thank the producers I have partnered with, 23 Recordz, HowWow records, HMP, Www.comrecords and Kraiggi Bad Art," YGF producer Tevin Richards said.

Based in St Ann, the label has had an impressive six-year production run, having released many top-quality productions with the likes of Konshens, Vershon, Shenseea and Devin Di Dakta.

"My production style is music that tackles every emotion. I want to spread my craft to a wider reach by scouting the youthful talents and produce soothing music to the fans," the producer stated.

As the year continues, Richards has major plans for several new productions and collaborations, with work currently being done on Jahvillani's second album. The goal is to continue reaching new markets and drawing in new listeners who will enjoy good music.

"My recipe for success is having an encompassing feeling of togetherness among members of YGF," Richards added.

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