Breeze Genah on the mend after car crash

March 29, 2023
Breeze Genah
Breeze Genah

A little more than three months after he was involved in a serious car crash, up-and-coming dancehall artiste Breeze Genah is now on the road to recovery.

The entertainer, who is known for songs such as Dawkness Alone featuring Kraff, Hacker and Time, was injured after the car he was driving ran off the road as he made his way from Trelawny to St James on December 10 last year. Kraff was a passenger in the vehicle.

"I was unconscious and woke up at the hospital," Breeze Genah said of the crash. "My chest plate mash up," he said, adding that colleague entertainers stood by his side since the crash.

"I remember opening my eyes [in the hospital] one time and see Valiant ... and I remember seeing him go inna him bag and give Deep Jahi some funds. By the next morning, everything was paid. Even when I was home they make sure I went to my private doctor's appointments and got all my meds," a grateful Breeze Genah told THE STAR.

"Big up Valiant and Tepa Music! They where the ones who shub out and mek sure I got taken care of at the hospital. I never paid a dollar to the hospital. Ova half a million was spent. Valiant and Tepa ... a them dweet ... my respect to them," Breeze Genal added.

The up-and-coming artiste said that he was simply doing a good deed when calamity struck.

"I was taking Kraff from one stage show in Trelawny to another in St James when the accident happened. Mi car mash up and my chest still not hundred, but me just glad seh mi friend and him girlfriend, who were also in the vehicle, okay," he said.

Breeze Genah also shared that his and Kraff's friendship has not been the same since the accident, but he did not go into details.

"Me and Kraff know each other from we bruk and pauperised. I was out there before him and know some people, so I give him a major strength and me feel happy when him fly di gate before me. We even have a song together, so to see the tension around the two a we now ... but everything happen for a reason," Breeze Genah said.

The deejay, who celebrated his birthday last week, is currently in the studio recording new tracks.

"Look out for Dream on Bill Gates Records and Do it Big on Nine Mills Records," he said.

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