Jhazahra makes ‘headline’s with Iffa Cush

March 29, 2023

Reggae artiste Jhazahra has collaborated with Iffa Cush Muzik Group LLC to release the single Headline on the label's 'Kaya Blazing' rhythm.

"I have been receiving a lot of good feedback, so I am very grateful. Headline is my first release for 2023, so a lot of people have been curiously waiting to see what I was going to drop next, and they seem very pleased. The track has been getting reviews from countries in Europe and Africa, and to share my messages far and wide is definitely a goal met. I've sent the track to several DJs who I know will ensure that the local scene isn't neglected, so people within dances, clubs and various events won't miss out on this authentic reggae tune," said Jhazahra.

The track made its way to the iTunes Top 200, while copping several internal playlist placements. Producer Iffa Cush shared that Jhazahra's undeniable talent is what made him revive the 2022 project by beginning the compilation of a second volume. He said that the collaboration came about when a few members from his camp had a performance at Dub School, which is where he heard Jhazahra perform.

"Being a person who has an ear for music and recognising talent, I received her contact information and sent her the Kaya Blazing rhythm. She immediately started working on the song, [and] within a few days we were recording Headline," said Iffa Cush.

Volume 1 of the 'Kaya Blazing' rhythm features J Written, Inezi, Hardio and Bingi. The next release from the label will be King Charlez's track on the second volume, titled Kaya, and accompanied by an official music video.

The label is also putting the final touches on its 'Warrior Life' juggling rhythm, which is set to be released this summer.

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