Comedian takes on poultry farming

April 04, 2023

Steam, also known as 'Yung Mineral', has found another medium to fuel his dream of becoming a successful and recognised entertainer.

The local comedian and lyricist, who is the son of late producer-artiste Mineral Boss, recently invested in a poultry farm.

"It's not completely new to me; my aunt is a poultry farmer and she provided me with the know-how, and I've been doing my research. I'm only three months into the field and it has been productive," Steam told THE STAR. "I still work a nine-to-five, but I wanted a steady income from something I knew I would be passionate about. Because at the end of the day, even on the bad days, once it is a passion, it gives the drive; and I love farming and I'm all about that and sustainable development."

Last month, the entertainer shared a TikTok post of him distributing feed inside a chicken coop on the Sligoville, St Catherine farm, while performing a freestyle rap which went viral. Steam said that he has since been approached by Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Pearnel Charles Jr, the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, and Hi-Pro.

"It feels good to know people are acknowledging the small moves. The freestyle I did was basically me speaking about the benefits of agriculture, the importance of the industry to our country's development, and to my dreams; and it's part of the direction I want this investment to take. They have noticed the potential, the minister and Hi-Pro, to the point where they have offered support to make the farm more efficient," he said. "In terms of my career as a comedian, I plan on creating a fusion between my comedic talent and my new venture. I see where, instead of doing them as completely separate entities, I can write and prepare entertaining yet educational content around the industry."

Steam also shared that several aspiring comedians and future farmers have reached out, seeking advice.

Currently, he has approximately 150 chickens in a space that can house up to 300, and he aims to expand to 700. He also preached about the value of using and selling chicken manure, which he has been offering to neighbouring farmers at a cost.

"I'm definitely not giving up comedy. I'm just starting my investment and giving awareness to other opportunities, in hopes of inspiring youths like me. It is interesting to read and hear all the questions people ask pertaining to agriculture. I'm really optimistic about taking it further. But in order to grow, I must put certain things in place, like a larger deep freezer, plucker, build out a proper slaughterhouse and storage area; [so] hopefully by mid summer I can achieve this," Steam said.

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