Delomar insists he’s ‘good with everybody’ - Clears air about past RDX feuds

April 05, 2023

Dancehall entertainer Delomar has denied ever having any personal or professional conflicts with colleagues Ding Dong and Elephant Man.

In fact, the deejay said that he makes it a duty to not stir up any drama. But he said that because of past associations, when he performed solely as part of RDX, it was rumoured that a feud existed between him and the dancehall dancing song masters.

"I'm good with everybody," Delomar told THE STAR, admitting that while no actual moves have been made to mend the fences, he is open to working with both artistes. But he believes that "by maintaining some sense of loyalty to brand RDX and my former group mate [ReniGad, previously known as Renigade], limits this happening any time soon."

The Breeze artiste-songwriter explained that as the member of a group, it is important for deejays to offer support to one another even after a split.

He said, "It was one voice, a sort of all for one and one for all, and I couldn't now, after all that just say make him stay one side and go try to apologise. Something about that doesn't feel right. If for some reason our teams reached out to say let's work, then I would not object to it."

Delomar said that there were other decisions and opinions which were shared when he performed as RDX that he did not agree with, such as them being an underrated act in dancehall.

"I think the other member became accustomed to saying that we were underrated but I always disagreed, and since we have gone on to pursue our solo careers, I realise the amount of ratings and amount of love people have for RDX," Delomar said. "One of my struggles to get back up there, to regain traction as Delomar, formerly of RDX, was the fact that we're rated highly that people still expect me to perform as RDX, and I still do."

He said that sometimes artistes under perform and that dancehall is criticised harshly despite persons "not knowing what an entertainer has going on internally which may lead them to not deliver at the optimum level he or she is capable of".

However, Delomar expressed contentment with the current state of his solo career and how efficient he has been performing and producing music through his label Reckit Ralf Music.

"I'm putting in a lot of work. Right now, me have two songs in the streets, Bum produced by Martinique-based company Jolly Ranch Productions which was responsible for building the rhythm for the RDX hit titled Jump. The other is my collaboration with Bounty Killer, Round and Round," he said.

Delomar said the collaboration with Bounty Killer is historic because he was instrumental in RDX, offering needed advice.

"He even tried to get us to resolve differences and when we go solo, him did ask 'a wah unuh a do?' But we all recognise we all have to accept that some relationships are made to last, while others take a different direction for good reasons. I've learnt and as I said before, mi good wid every and anybody in the industry. If there is any issue, is the individual that has the issue with me, but I don't have any issues with anybody," Delomar continued.

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