Canadian Burgz connects with Jamaican roots

April 13, 2023

Even though he was not born in Jamaica, Earl James Eubank, who goes by the moniker Burgz, has a love for the culture embedded in his DNA. The Canadian debuted as a R&B and hip-hop artiste but has recently expressed an interest in doing reggae and dancehall.

"I'm primarily a hip-hop artiste but I think my music is more of a fusion as I dabble in all sorts of music. I have a dark, deep and raspy voice; I believe the heavy sound of my vocals separates me from all other artistes in Toronto, where I reside," Burgz told THE STAR.

"There's no one else that does the type of music I'm doing, and when I do it, it speaks volumes. What makes me stand out is the fact that I keep my music authentic and true to my style," he continued.

Burgz's musical inspiration comes from a collective of artistes. From the hip-hop genre he singled out Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. And when it comes to reggae and dancehall, he draws inspiration from Sizzla, Teejay, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man.

"I'm rooted as a Jamaican. I grew up in a predominantly Jamaican household in Toronto. Both my mom and dad are Jamaicans. Not only do I love the music, I'm a lover of the cuisine - from the national dish of ackee and salt fish to ground foods, and dumplings and bananas. I love them all!" he exclaimed.

The artiste is currently on the island promoting his song, Do Road Again, and is anticipating collaborations and remixes of the track with some of dancehall's newest and trending acts like Silk Boss, Skillibeng and Valiant.

Some of his previous hip-hop releases are All Ways, Outta Hand and Back On.

"It is an exciting time for me as my musical journey takes on a new path. My passion for Jamaica is ever-growing and glowing. The reason I have started to record reggae and dancehall fusion type of music is because it is a testament of that love and respect I have for the brand and culture," Burgz said.

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