Tego Boss aims to make impact with juggling rhythm

April 25, 2023
Tego Boss
Tego Boss
Tego Boss
Tego Boss

Clothing store owner and music producer Tego Boss of Saint Kingston Music, who has produced music for a plethora of artistes, including Devin Di Dakta and Jah Vinci, is manifesting success with latest production.

"Juggling riddims are the heart and soul of reggae and dancehall from the one-drop and dubplate era, but have been absent from the space. I'm hoping that my production will uplift and inspire listeners, likewise artistes," Tego Boss told THE STAR.

Known for his unique compositions and the ability to identify rhythms that link the present to the past, he gained street credit with his first juggling, the 'Street Life' rhythm, which he considered to be a significant milestone in his career. Tego Boss said he uses personal life experiences to create the rhythm tracks.

"It may be the story of most Jamaican producers, being surrounded by the vibrant sounds of reggae, ska and dancehall and having that spark a love for music, but it is true, it's natural meditation. I'm grateful to have parents who never projected their visions of what they wanted me to become on me but allowed me to choose the career path I wanted," he said. "Street Life was the beginning of a story and I think my second juggling riddim is the next chapter that, along with the artistes featured, will connect me to the people on a deeper level. I am proud to work with such talented artistes and to be able to share our music with the world."

The second juggling, the 'Ruff Road' rhythm, was released on April 9, and is a blend of reggae and dancehall. It features a line-up of established and up-and-coming acts, including Jah Vinci, Kyodi, Fully Bad, Qwella, Sanka, Dan Milli, Ras Gouldie, and Natural Vibes.

Although Tego Boss works directly with the recording artistes to get their songs written, recorded, and mixed and mastered correctly, he has yet to find his own comfort zone to produce.

Tego Boss shared, "I'm yet to develop a set mental process for production mode because a lot that I do depends on feeling, whether in my home or a commercial studio space or digital software or live musicians. I worked for several months on this juggling because I wanted the riddim and the recordings of the artistes to hit the people the right way. It was a labour of love for me and that's why I put it out on my birthday, so it would have more meaning."

The producer also uses his investment in Top Tier Couture as another outlet to express his creativity to engage people.

"Music is the reflection of the soul, and people are vehicles of the music and there is a shared passion so I'm constantly driven in both spaces. My future in music and what I want to bring with the production of juggling riddims, feels promising ... I just want to feel appreciated for my efforts," Tego Boss said.

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