RealFlou moving to his own beat

April 27, 2023

With lyrical prowess and melodic deejaying, up-and-coming artiste RealFlou says he is doing 'colourful music' so there is something for everyone to listen to.

The artiste, who hails from Portmore, St Catherine, has hopes of not only dominating the local music scene, but also taking things international.

"I don't consider myself an artiste for a specific genre. I consider myself an entertainer, because if I get a riddim and it sounds like gospel, then I am making gospel music. I am just an entertainer," he told STAR on the Rise.

RealFlou, whose given name is Kirk Dockery, began his musical journey like many other Jamaicans, in the church. He discovered his love for singing at the Faith Prayer House Church of God, then later joined the 4H Youth Choir and the Jose Marti Technical High School choir.

He spent most of his days recording freestyles for YouTube and his wit made him a lyrical star among his peers, who helped to give him the moniker RealFlou. His music details stories of poverty, education, racism and prejudice, and with his love for literature and storytelling, he intends to keep his artistry dynamic.

"The dancehall space is competitive, but it is competitive because everybody wants to talk about the same ting. Everybody wants to talk about 'chop', so my music is different; from composition alone there is variation. Yes, we might talk bout chopping but we want to give colourful music. That is music on different spectrums," RealFlou said.

His tracks include Question, Hello featuring Chronic Law, and Perfect Human. Going forward into 2023, he said he is focused on development.

"For this year, I mean I would say it is not on track, but there is progress. We have two videos to be released and a record that we want to focus on. So we are focusing on that and just putting in the necessary work," he said. Though fairly new to the industry, RealFlou has already identified his biggest hurdle.

"The greatest challenge so far has been the people in the industry. Even though you have the sound engineers and producers, and you are paying them to get the job done, they are still doing slow. We are going to fix that though. We have a plan to set up our own studio and bring engineers in instead of us going to them, so things can move smoother," he reasoned.

Once he has found the right formula, he hopes to one day win a Grammy.

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