A’mari calms fans about her 140-pound weight loss - Said she is her ‘true self’

May 03, 2023
A’mari DJ Mona Lisa
A’mari DJ Mona Lisa
A’mari DJ Mona Lisa
A’mari DJ Mona Lisa

Acknowledging that her fans are quite concerned about what she calls her "recent transformation", singer and social media influencer, A'mari DJ Mona Lisa, says that there's no need to worry because her 140-pound weight loss is simply a part of her multi-level journey to becoming her true self.

A'mari, who is five feet, 11 inches tall, now weighs 135 pounds and is "healthy, confident and happy". However, her 'Goodies', as her fans are called, regularly tell her on social media that she is going to the extreme.

"I have dropped 140 pounds," A'mari told THE STAR. "The fans are very much concerned ... but I am on more than a weight-loss journey. I am a prayer warrior so oftentimes I do prolonged fasting as my soul cries out to God. Too many things are happening."

In an interview with THE STAR last October, A'mari was proudly celebrating a milestone 100-pound weight loss over a three-year period.

She has subsequently lost an additional 40 pounds in six months, which now takes her to less than half of her original body weight. She shared that she has "been carrying around the excess weight of the world-baggage" as regards expectations and disappointments in life.

"It's time that I become my true self and a reflection of God in His infinite powers. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. I am free and it is all that matters. We shall face a time of inflation like never before ... prepare to become impoverished. God bless you all," A'mari said.

She is recording her transformation with photo shoots, the most recent of which shows her at her current weight.

The Neko singer, who made a hard-to-forget appearance on the Sting stage last December, is actively pursuing her musical career, and flew in to Florida this week to record with producer Kemar 'Flava' McGregor. The single is an edgy song, which is yet to be titled. She noted that it was the producer who gave her the lyrics.

"The lyrics are controversial in regard to sexual preferences, but I did not back down. The producer wanted to convey a message. I am an ambassador ... I simply delivered it. I realise that too many people are afraid to express themselves ... but remember that music is the voice of the silent," A'mari said.

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