King Shark wants more unity

May 24, 2023
King Shark
King Shark

Reggae singer King Shark is calling for more unity in the Jamaican music industry.

"I grew up in Greenwich Town, Kingston 13, during the 1970s. Back in those days, music was everywhere in the community and Greenwich Town was the place to be. I grew up watching Alton Ellis, John Holt, Ken Boothe, the Melodians, Derrick Morgan, Big Youth, Sugar Minott, Tapper Zukie, Max Romeo, Philip Frazer and so many other great artistes performing on sound systems. As a little youth, this experience made a significant impact on me, hence my decision to get into music," he said.

He continued, "Back in those days there was a lot of love and unity in the music business. The artistes in those days didn't waste time making music that glorifies immorality. They sang songs about love and righteousness. The music in that era promoted a higher level of consciousness among the people. In those days, artistes didn't fight each other and show off about material things."

King Shark is currently promoting his new album, Holy Father. The 11-track album is his third full-length project.

"I spend most of my time working on projects for other artistes, which makes it almost impossible to do anything for myself. So, I'm very happy that I've found the time to produce and release this album, and I am grateful for the support it's receiving from DJs around the world," said King Shark.

Produced by the artiste for his Montego Records imprint Holy Father, the album was released on May 13.

King Shark, whose given name is Alphonso Henclewood, released his debut album, Crucial , in 2014. His follow-up album, Walk in the Light , was released in 2019.

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