Sita D Lyrical Diva releases debut EP

May 26, 2023
Sita D Lyrical Diva
Sita D Lyrical Diva

Vincentian dancehall artiste Sita D Lyrical Diva has admitted that she feels a sense of accomplishment following the release of her debut dancehall EP Amplified Emotions on Mother's Day, after overcoming many challenges.

"First of all, I feel relieved, because I was scrutinised for so long. Although I believed in myself and had confidence in myself, there was that little voice, and I wondered what if they (naysayers) were right," she shared.

"When I came to Jamaica for the first time in 2016, I was even told that I would be kidnapped at the airport if I even attempted to come to Jamaica to delve into the culture. So when I came and I performed for Sting and then I was accepted ... I felt relieved," she said. She stayed in Jamaica to complete the EP which, again, she was told was "impossible".

"There was this notion that Jamaican producers would not work with a Vincentian artiste over their own. So when I accomplished that I was like, wow, a lot of what I was taught was not true," she shared.

She explained that Amplified Emotions is predominantly a dancehall project that features seven of those tracks and two reggae songs. There are no collaborations, as she wanted consumers to be fully focused on her talent as a dancehall artiste "and not a Vincentian trying to do dancehall".

"In so doing, I did not want to do a collab with someone just to show that I can do dancehall. I think the collaborations can come afterwards," she added.

She also highlighted that the Mother's Day release was strategic.

"I have a song called Strong Woman [which is] dedicated to us women, and so I thought Mother's Day would have been a good day to commemorate us women," she said.

The EP was produced by Ricky Bless of Bless Music Entertainment.

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