Malii ready for ‘One Time Fling’

June 05, 2023

Recording artiste Malii is poised to make her mark on the music industry, while proudly continuing the rich legacy established by her parents, Lady G and Barrington Levy.

With their exceptional talents coursing through her veins, Malii is ready to forge her own path and contribute to the musical heritage that runs deep within her family.

"It's great being able to also be a recording artiste like my parents because they are two of my main inspirations, and I've been touring with my mom, performing background vocals with her for years. At the same time, my musical style is very different, and I'm grateful that I'm able to come into my own as an artiste," Malii said.

The up-and-coming entertainer, who was born in the United States and raised in St Catherine, Jamaica, is excited to release her first singles just in time for the summer.

The summer releases include It's the Weekend, Impervious and One Time Fling, which speaks predominantly about a casual relationship that is being seen as more serious by one party.

" One Time Fling was inspired by what I see happening with my generation of people when it comes to dating and relationships. No one is taking each other seriously because everyone has been hurt, so everyone is ruthless and believes no one is genuine," Malii added

One Time Fling is produced by Italy-based label Wavytrbl and D&J `records, and was written by Malii based on her own experiences.

"I have experienced a one-time fling from both ends, the worst part is being the one who isn't aware this was a fling, and you end up getting your feelings hurt. It's a real part of life though, and I know many persons can relate," Malii shared.

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