ShaqDem teams with mentor Vybrant on new single

June 09, 2023

Aspiring footballer-turned-producer Shaquille 'ShaqDem' Hemmings has has teamed up with his mentor, dancehall artiste Vybrant, to amp up the energy behind their most recent release, New Guinea Oil, in time for the summer.

Released under their respective labels, Fada Shaq Dem Records and Dirt Floor Muzic, the single along with an official video made its way to digital platforms less than a month ago.

Vybrant shared that it brings him honour to be able to record for a youngster he encouraged throughout his life in the inner city.

"This song has a lot of potential and is on its way to being one of my biggest tracks yet, because the energy the fans are putting behind it is powerful and the link up for the production is a real one. I'm proud to be able to do a song with ShaqDem because he has held steadfast through many things meant to break di youths dem and mi proud of him. I myself am a student of mentorship through Bugle's camp, so it's a great feeling to be passing on what I learned; each one teach one. Unity is strength and most of all people need people," he said.

ShaqDem added, "Some artistes add to the industry more than everyone realises because the youths need mentorship. So I'm grateful to be able to produce a track for Vybrant because he has been a positive force in the lives of many youths, including myself."

Vybrant added that sharing the promotional campaign that has been set for New Guinea Oil coincides with his marketing plans for the release of his new EP.

"Our teams are working overtime to ensure the continued success of this initiative. My EP will have a track for everyone because each song has its own message and tone. Fans can look forward to energetic but positively injected music from us this summer," said Vybrant.

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