Blu Lyon pushes for breakthrough

August 04, 2023
Blu Lyon
Blu Lyon

Up-and-coming recording artiste Blu Lyon has been seeking a breakthrough in the dancehall industry this year.

Since January, he has heavily promoted his single Bu$$ Fare, which has generated much interest, along with its counterpart Hidden Fees, in which he calls out bad business practices in the dancehall industry.

"I always take time out to master my craft because there is always room for growth. I carefully put together a plan with these tracks to make the songs dominate locally and internationally," said Blu Lyon.

The artiste's most recent release, Walk With The Vybz, is drawing even more attention on the iTunes Reggae Chart. On July 27, it temporarily dethroned reggae legend Bob Marley at the top spot.

"I was somewhat surprised and wondered what it really meant for my career. It's a significant accomplishment but I was only thinking about what was next because Walk With The Vybz is a number one chart-worthy song," said the artiste.

Both the lyric video for Walk With The Vybz and the music video for Bu$$ Fare are on YouTube.

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