Denyque excited about new music

September 15, 2023

Ending the summer season in high note, dancehall diva Denyque is urging the public to get 'ready'.

While known for her sultry sound and seductive vocals, Denyque's newest project is set to unveil a different side of the singer through music like her latest single Between Me and You (BMAY). The single details the explicit encounters she enjoys with her lover behind closed doors.

Explaining her creative process with the track, she told THE WEEKEND STAR that " Between Me And You was actually a last-minute addition to my upcoming EP R.E.A.D.Y."

She continued, "I'm excited about this song and my EP because I'm finally doing the kind music that I want to do, the kind of music that makes my heart happy."

She also told THE WEEKEND STAR that while she is heavily promoting the single, the music video for the track will be released within two weeks.

"I also co-produced that song," she said referring to BMAY, "and the EP so it's a project I'm really proud of and when I tell you I'm pouring my heart and soul into it, people will feel that."

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