Miguel Wealthy wants law-abiding citizens to be armed

September 15, 2023
Miguel Wealthy
Miguel Wealthy

Dancehall artiste Miguel Wealthy believes that a fear of retaliation will lead to an even further reduction in the numbers of murders in Jamaica.

He said the idea of an 'armed population' was the thinking behind his latest single, Murder A Di Game, as he advocates self-defence in the face of a clear and present threat.

"The real thinking behind this song is the realisation that people feel they can disrespect others based on who they know. These people know persons of authority, persons with links, persons with connections, but in this time and age, there are a lot of persons with connections that you may not know, so don't feel like you can violate or disrespect them. Because, no matter if you're from the baddest part of the world, mi ah bring the beef to yuh like the cow," Miguel Wealthy warned.

According to police statistics, as of August 26, there has been a 10 per cent reduction in murders, with 899 murders compared to 1008 for the corresponding period last year. The artiste is a stout advocate of more law-abiding citizens having access to licensed firearms once they are properly vetted.

"When everyone has a gun, the place will run better, 'cause everybody can defend themselves, anything ah anything. When you've got guns, and people know there are consequences, they act differently. So let's live in love and peace, eye for an eye, tooth for tooth," the Vere Technical High School graduate said.

Miguel Wealthy, who is signed to Hewitt Entertainment, is pushing ahead with the promotion of his latest singles, Blessings, Hard Mi Work Fi Dis, Cock Up Yuh Bumpa and Mek Wi Dance.

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