Shaka Pow releases Fully Bright bags

September 15, 2023
Fully Bright backpacks
Fully Bright backpacks

Entertainer Shaka Pow has delivered on his promise to introduce Fully Bright-branded backpacks to the marketplace.

The reggae/dancehall artiste, who is better known for his practice as a medical doctor, released the bags this week as part of a move to push back against a 'dunce culture' being fuelled through popular music.

"The bag is symbolic of attaining best education or skills that one can retain," Shaka Pow remarked.

Segments of the population have been seething with anger since this newspaper reported that 'dunce' branded backpacks are being sold in the market. One website,, advertises the 'Dunce Pak' for US$74, (approximately J$11,400). The bag is currently sold out on the company's website. In downtown Kingston, vendors said they had designer brand bags to which their suppliers have added the 'Dunce' artwork. Those may cost up to $20,000.

Determined to push back at the 'dunce culture', Shaka Pow has produced 2,000 'Fully Bright' bags, which he hopes parents will buy for their children to take to school. The bags are being sold for $4,000 and $5,000, depending on the size. The entertainer told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is encouraged by the feedback thus far.

"My nephew at Campion College came home asking where he can get one. As a matter of fact, all the parents on my staff today got texts from their kids about it," he said.

Describing the product as "colourful" and "trendy", Shaka Pow said the bags are versatile and handy for day-to-day use as they can be used to transport notebooks, laptops, stationery, among other things.

"The pre-orders are coming in rapidly," the entertainer said.

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