Kashu buzzing with new single

September 29, 2023

Dancehall artiste Kashu recently teamed up with Gambia-based Afrobeat producer Good Boy Elliot to record his latest single, Girl Them Bad.

The song was released by Music Plus Fashion and DJ Roh Entertainment on September 1. Since then, it has been enjoying strong rotation, both locally and abroad.

"This is my first Afrobeat project and I am very happy with the response that it is getting. This song is receiving a lot of support from DJs in Jamaica, Gambia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, the US, Canada and the UK," he said.

The Clarendon-born deejay, who currently resides in Connecticut, was in top form when he performed at the Caribbean Rum and Food Festival at Roxbury Community College in Boston on September 16.

"I have been doing a lot of shows all over the US, and everywhere I perform I give the people something to remember. My performance in Boston was well received by the audience; they loved every minute of my set," he said.

Kashu is booked to perform at several upcoming events, including Thanksgiving Link Up in Hartford, Connecticut, on November 23, and Life Changes in Craig Head, Manchester, on December 28.

"The bookings are coming in hard and heavy, and I am always ready to perform, whether the show is in the States, Europe, Jamaica or any other part of the world. I love being on stage and performing for my fans," he said.

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