Live Wyya wants more shows

September 29, 2023
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Carl Edwards, leader of the internationally acclaimed band Live Wyya, is urging promoters to resurrect live shows which he contends have virtually disappeared in Jamaica.

According to Edwards, “Live Wyya is committed to keeping reggae music and our culture alive. As a result, we are now fine-tuning plans to host a number of live reggae shows throughout Jamaica, the first before the year ends.”

Furthermore, Edwards, who has helped to steer the band’s success, highlighted that, “our intention is not overnight thinking. Someone has to come forward and others will follow”.

“Live Wyya is determined that the people of Jamaica and elsewhere should be entertained with authentic reggae music, even once per month,” he said. “We are looking at venues within the mainstream population which include Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Kingston, Mandeville and Portmore.”

Edwards opined that the high production costs, including artiste fees, have forced several promoters out of the business of keeping live shows.

“I have known promoters who have placed their homes as security for loans and end up losing their homes. Others have had to borrow, or owe for services which include staging, refreshments and security, when the figure at the gates cannot cover these expenses,” he shared.

Edwards has recommended that a full resurrection of live shows needs to involve all entities, including Corporate Jamaica giving sponsorship.

“We have to work out how this revival can benefit everyone, including the artistes, promoters, vendors who sell soups and jerked chicken and the taxi operators. But, at the end of the day, everyone must feel good,” he said.

The six-member Live Wyya band started in 1999. Their professionalism quickly made them a household name which led to heavy bookings. Led by veteran manager Copeland Forbes, the band played at major festivals in Europe, parts of Africa, the USA and the Caribbean, and earned several awards. Live Wyya is now under new management.


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