Life & Times : Centenarian laid to rest - Many pay last respects to Justin Nelson

September 03, 2016
Rasbert Turner Euvine Coleman, a long time frend, views the body of late centenarin Justin Nelson.
Rasbert Turner The cassket wth the body of Justin Nelson lie in state.

Residents, friends and loved ones flocked the Bagbie Seventh-day Adventist Church in Troja, St Catherine, on Sunday, August 14, 2016 to pay their last respects for the life of the late centenarian Justin Nelson.

The 109-year-old Nelson, who passed away on July 21, 2016, was eulogised with glowing words for the life he lived.

If the many words that were attributed to Nelson could bring life, he would still be alive. He was described as a "man of God" who worked very hard throughout his life and was very attentive to those who requested his assistance.

"I remember him in church every Saturday. He was baptised at this church and was a member until the time of his death. I can also remember that he was of sound reasoning and read his Bible unaided," Millicent 'Dawn' Lindo, a good friend of Nelson, recalled. Lindo said that Nelson, although never a biological father, was a father to all.




"I know that he played cricket for Golden Grove, and that was how he met his wife. She died many years now, but Mr Nelson continued his life. So now he is gone. It is a sad loss, but he lived a full life," close friend Malcolm Benjamin said.

It was revealed that Nelson was a cane farmer, but is also known for selling almanacs and dream books.

"I am his great, great, great-grand niece and I remember him like yesterday. He was kind and jovial, but nobody could not steal his crop. If you asked he would share but don't steal," Judian Myrie said.

"A long time I know him, mon, as mi and him wife was very good friend and wi worship here until she died more than 20 years now. He was a decent man who was serious in the church," Euvine Coleman, a senior citizen, said while viewing the coffin.

Her views were similar to the many tributes in songs that swept throughout the proceedings. It was the consensus that Nelson is sadly missed.

He was interred at the family plot at Dry River district in the parish. Funeral arrangements were done by Roberts Funeral Home.

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