STAR of the Month: And So! March is all about D’Angel

March 04, 2019
STAR of the Month Michelle ‘D’Angel’ Downer.

For the month of March, THE STAR will ‘cut and clear’ with the self-proclaimed ‘First Lady of Dancehall’, D’Angel.

Coming up, fans will find cool features, photos and exclusive stories with the Mind Your Business singer.

Over the next few weeks, the dancehall star will take her fans through the story of her life, allowing them to gain insight from her early days in St Catherine into her defiant, dedicated decision to enter dancehall.

From D’Angel’s youthful days in Spanish Town, swimming (and almost drowning) in the Rio Cobre, to being a contestable dancehall force, readers will be offered a peek into her life.

Read how she bares the scars of a tumultuous past with a smile and continues to battle the pressures of fame wielding the weapon she knows best – music.

Devoted to her home, we will learn that to many, she remains simply ‘Michelle’, one of Spanish Town’s talents who still maintains ties with the old capital.

Otherwise affectionately referred to by some as the ‘Jamaican Beyoncé’, D’Angel will share scintillating details of the true stories behind her transition from model to singjay and of the ongoing power struggles she still faces within the music industry.

Also, the STAR of the Month will offer some insight into her high-profile relationships with two of the genre’s biggest stars, along with her newest tussle with her No Worries collaborator.

In addition to new music and spicy feuds, fans will learn about D’Angel’s newest business ventures.

Never far away from fashion, the star has launched her own line and has something else in the works.

Though it seems we already know all there is to know about the model, mother, and singer, there is much to learn.

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