STAR of the Month: I am no April fool – D’Angel - Entertainer gears up to celebrate birthday

March 27, 2019

Despite being born on April 1, the day that has been dubbed as All Fools’ Day, dancehall artiste D’Angel has come to appreciate the meaning of it.

“It took me a while. Growing up, I used to get teased a lot, and it was always about the pranks,” the STAR of the Month said.

The artiste said that it got to a point where she used to tell persons that she was born on April 3 instead of April 1.

“I was very soft and very reserved as a young girl. But as I got older, it just became a day of celebration. There is nothing unfortunate about that day. And because I am born on April 1, it is a day that automatically represents strength, and it’s a holiday …if I dare call it ‘smart people day’,” she said.

The STAR of the Month said that she is now at a point where it is very difficult for anyone to trick her.

“Right now, I have become immune to the tricks and jokes. I am no April fool, so when people come to me with what seems like a prank, I just let it pass and put my own humour in it because it’s all fun,” D’Angel said.

And with her birthday just days away, D’Angel said that she plans to celebrate. She intends to welcome her birthday at Chug It on March 31, with a live performance at the party. She is also making preparations for her own birthday event, ‘Aries Affair’, on April 12 at Lipstick Sports Bar in Bayside, Portmore. It will be held in association with Cookie of Cookies Night Club in Portmore.

“Cookie and I are making everything come together to make it the biggest give-away event of the year,” D’Angel said.

Good energy

The I’m Blessed singjay told THE STAR that patrons at her birthday party will have the opportunity to come in empty-handed and leave with various appliances.

“Persons can definitely expect to come out for more than is expected. Prizes and surprises plus all-round good energy, that is the highlight of partying with me, up close and personal,” she said.

“I am inviting everybody to come out to my birthday party. People should come because it’s a celebration of life, of triumph and overcoming trials and tribulations. It is also to celebrate my angels, the supporters who have my back and have wished me well to continue blooming this spring.”

Meanwhile, D’Angel is anticipating a busy month, as she is preparing to perform at a charity event for St Catherine Preparatory School, before she heads to the US to celebrate with dancehall deejay Charly Black at his birthday celebration on April 20 in Fort Lauderdale. She will return to Jamaica for D’Angel Live at the Riviera Wine and Cheese Brunch on Sunday, April 28.

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