CHECK UP: Your way to bigger nipples


December 27, 2017
A female uses her hands to cover her nipples.

Dear Readers,

TS emails Check up asking if we can possibly help her. Her nipples are small, and she wants them to get big.

Many women want their nipple size increased to add to their physical beauty, rather than for practical purposes like breastfeeding babies. Attractive breasts with good-sized nipples help increase the self-confidence of many women when it comes to bedroom activities.

There are both quick, shortterm methods and more permanent methods which can be used to achieve these goals. The breasts should be examined to determine what type of nipple the person has. Do the nipples stand up when cold or when stimulated? If they can do this, then the lady does not have flat or inverted nipples.

Quick, short-term methods

• Wear a thin bra underneath thin shirt tops, or just don't wear any brassieres at all. The nipples will look much more prominent.

• Squeeze or pinch the nipples to give them a reddened and swollen appearance, then wear a thin bra.

n Apply ice cubes or a chilled cloth to the nipples, which will make them stand up and gain size.

More permanent methods

n Nipple augmentation. Please note that this can interfere with breastfeeding at a later date. This process involves tissue grafting, or removing fat or cartilage from somewhere else in the body, usually the buttock or some fatty part of the leg. This can be done as an outpatient procedure in the surgeon's office.

n Inverted nipples can, mostly, be converted to extroverted nipples by a simple surgical procedure. Sometimes the inversion is really severe, such as after scarring from a previous breast infection, and these conditions may be more difficult to treat.

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