Castleton Gardens: A peace lover's dream


October 12, 2015

Sweet simplicity is how I would describe today's journey to Castleton Botanical Gardens in St Mary.

Castleton Gardens, which was established in 1862, is home to some of the most exotic and indigenous ferns and palms on the island. Not only do you get to experience more than 10 hectares of lush beautiful gardens, you can have a romantic date or a day with the family that won't break the bank.

I started my journey on a walk through the gardens where I saw what is known as a velvet apple. Now although it looked and felt like a delicacy I decided not to give it a try and instead read and learned more on the many wonderment like the Ostrich feather palm.

The great thing about the Botanical Gardens is that the different creations of nature are labelled so even without a tour guide you are able to learn just by making this breathtaking stroll. So many trees, palms and plants to catch your eye, to create the atmosphere and energy for love, another reason why Botanical Gardens is a hot spot for weddings, photo shoots and celebrations of life.

If walking through the gardens is not for you, or not enough of a reason to get there, you can cross the road to Wag Water River. The setting by the river is perfect for picnics and spending the day with nature. With tables, benches in abundance and grills for your inner chef already positioned for visitors, all you need are towels, your picnic basket and good vibes.

Walking along the river bank and feeling the water flow through your toes as you look around and take in nature's wonders, Castleton Botanical Garden is a peace lovers dream location.

Now like many places the weekends can get kind of congested with nature lovers and those looking to relax, so I highly recommend checking out the gardens and river during the week when possible. Fellas, trust me, if you want to impress a lady love an expensive dinner may please some but this

journey of romance when done right will be a day your lady love won't soon forget.

Until our next adventure my fellow explorers... Get up, Get out and Explore Jamaica!

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