Jamming at Jamzone

November 23, 2015


This week we journey to Manor Park in Kingston to checkout Jamzone, the first and only bowling and gaming facility of it's kind in the area .

Jamzone opened it's doors last June and so I decided it's time to check out what the big talk was about. When you enter Jamzone inside Manor Park Centre you're greeted by the decor provided by Pepsi Jamaica. All around when you look it is clear Pepsi saw the value in this venue and what it's presence represents. Jamzone has many different elements to it including a Kingston division of popular gaming lounge Buzzers as well as popular dining spot Lucky Strike but today we decided to concentrate on the bowling area which is the true essence of Jamzone.

Since it's opening Jamzone has seen a steady increase in patrons who seem to be catching bowling fever. Consistent repeat customers include families, friends and corporate entities looking to find a moral building activity for employees. Open Monday to Sunday patrons can experience a fun-filled time bowling on one of the many lanes provided.

When I arrived at Jamzone being it was my first time I was not aware that socks were needed for bowling. Luckily they are fully equipped for any situation and for a small fee offer sock for those like me who forgot their own. Once your feet are snug in the socks of choice they provide you with the necessary foot gear so that you don't go slipping down the lane like your body was the bowling ball. Now depending on how many patrons you have each lane is timed so make sure you allow enough time to play a full game without interruptions. Employees there can help you assess time needed for how many that are within your gaming party.


bull riding experience


Not only do they offer you a great night of bowling but Jamzone has now added an extra element, riding bull anyone? As of this past weekend Jamzone also offers the bull riding experience, let's see who can survive the raging bull or who the bull conquers instead. All in all Jamzone is great fun for a family night out, a giggle with a love one or with friends and even to build a bond with employees. After all teamwork makes the dreamwork! Just like the shoes all bowling balls are provided, so I suggest you at least remember the socks to avoid added expense. In addition when I spoke to the marketing manager they hinted towards upcoming bowling tournament sponsored by my beloved soda pop Pepsi. So if you have the right stuff you might want to sign up from now or at least start building your undefeatable team. Until next time my travellers, Get Up, Get Out and explore Jamaica!

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