Report Hand, Foot and Mouth disease - Ferguson


October 01, 2015

Report hand,

foot and mouth

disease - Ferguson

Minister of Health Dr Fenton Ferguson is urging school administrators to make an immediate report to the medical officers of health in their parish or to the Health Department if they suspect that there may be cases of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) in their school.

Dr Ferguson was speaking against the background of the present outbreak of the illness which has so far affected 35 schools.

"The respective Regional Health Authorities have so far reported cases in the parishes of Kingston and St Andrew, St Thomas, St Catherine, Portland and St Ann. It is recommended that schools regularly clean and disinfect areas, particularly those where young children frequent to reduce the spread of the disease," Dr Ferguson said.

Dr Ferguson also appealed to parents to remove their children from school until they have fully recovered so as to prevent transmission to others.

The ministry has prepared and made available guidelines on managing HFMD to schools through the Ministry of Education. Information is also available on its website which can be accessed at

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